Limited Edition Prints

Welcome, these images have a special place in my heart as the moments leading up to capture will never leave me, truly unforgettable. These are high quality limited edition prints. For more information on the quality of paper and canvas used, please see my printing info page. If your interested please get in touch through, Contact Me.

Badger at Sunset

Leading to Capture
An inquisitive Badger out foraging for prey at Sunset, we shared a timeless moment, almost as if we were friends. It resumed its daily exploits and I left a happy man.

Canon 1Dx 300mm F2.8 1/1000 Sec F5.6 ISO 1000
Young Fox Cub at Sunrise

Leading to Capture
May is an amazing time of year for many reasons but for me seeing the first sightings of newly born Fox Cubs is hard to beat, this contact was her first sight of a Human!

Canon 1Dx 300mm F2.8 1/1000 Sec F4 ISO 1250

The Badger & the Orchid

Leading to Capture
Whilst observing and photographing this fine Badger, it decided to get much closer! in fact almost to the point it was one a foot from my lens barrel! An amazing experience.

Canon 1Dx 300mm F2.8 1/1000 Sec F5.6 ISO 1000

Royal Stag Exmoor

Leading to Capture
Certainly up there in my Top 5, the Red Deer Rut in October is a must for all, an adrenaline fuelled time of year as its the Red Deer mating season. This fine Royal Stag was letting all around know he means business.

Canon 1Ds Mk 2 600mm 1/3200 Sec F4 ISO 200

Young Red Deer Stag & Hinds Exmoor

Leading to Capture
The Sun was setting over Ley Hill in Porlock and this shot just worked out perfect for me, great backdrop and beautiful Deer.

Canon 1Ds Mk 2 600mm + 1.4 Ext 1/1600 Sec F5.6 ISO 200
Roe Buck in the Golden Hour

Leading to Capture
After a very quiet period waiting for Deer to emerge, this Roe Buck showed himself just as the sun popped out before it set, such a beautiful time in the golden hour.

Canon 1Dx 100-400 F4.5-5.6 1/500 F5.6 ISO 2500

Peregrine Falcon

Leading to capture
On an early morning walk along the cliffs I came across this juvenile Falcon prepping its wings for first flight, we spent a moment or two before I left it to resume its pre-flight checks.

Canon 1D Mk 4 600mm F4 + 1.4 Ext 840mm F5.6 1/250 Sec ISO 200