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“Nature never goes out of style”

Welcome to my website, i’ve had a passion for wildlife ever since I was a boy, from early days spent birding in the Young Ornithologist Club (YOC) to later on becoming a member of the RSPB and various nature organisations throughout the natural world. My passion for photography started when I was 12 years old, buying my first Canon film SLR and later developing my own images in Black and White with my rather antiquated setup. Later in life I reluctantly took on the challenge of the digital SLR, although now the benefits of digital surpass all areas of film photography, well in my opinion anyway. I joined the Navy as a Submarine Tactical System Specialist in 1995 and left in 1999 to become a Navy Survival Specialist, after 18 years in that role and having served a total of 22 years I moved on with my new career of becoming a full time dad and part time amateur wildlife photographer.

I process everything in Adobe Lightroom, I only use Photoshop for minor adjustments like dust on the sensor, I try to keep away from major retouching as I like the images to stay as natural as possible. One thing I am most insistent on is the welfare of the subject I am photographing, whether it’s a bird, mammal or butterfly; all of them need respect and their space to do what comes naturally. I would much rather see the subject rather than photograph it, but if I can, and its practical to do so a photograph is a massive bonus. I’ve seen many people stalk subjects only to flush or scare them in order to achieve a photograph, which in my book goes against all the principles of watching, enjoying and respecting what the natural world has to offer.

I have contributed to books, magazines and various social media sites, including the Navy News, the National Trust and a book on Barn Owl Conservation by the Barn Owl Trust. More recently I have presented a short film on BBC Winterwatch 2019, on wildlife on a WW2 military airfield in Cornwall, for which I received a production credit.

I hope in time I can become a professional wildlife photographer and make it my living; the passion to capture all things wild and enjoy that timeless moment is ever present in me. Please enjoy my website and feel free to give me feedback. 

Richard Birchett